Why Join the Middle School/High School PTSA?

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    The PTSA supports our ACSD Community

    The relationship between our schools and our community is a unique and cherished benefit of living in Amherst. The PTSA is dedicated to keeping our community positioned to give the students in our district the ability to learn and grow – no matter what the obstacles! Our organization supports the Middle School and High School by providing funds to enable programming and materials that cannot be covered in our school budget.

    This year more than ever we need your support to help to grow our Grants budget so that we can be ready to take on the 2020-2021 school year.

    A PTSA membership comes with multiple benefits to you:

    1. Be the first to know what is happening in the schools and how you can help out!
    2. Stay connected to our building staff through personal updates at every PTSA Meeting. Members will be provided with an email link to join our meetings virtually!
    3. 60% of the money from your PTSA Membership goes to our PTSA budget to fund dynamic programs and materials that enrich our children’s educational experiences!

    Stay connected! Join now and help our Middle School and High School! 

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    We thank you and look forward to seeing you at a 2020-2021 meeting.

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    Your 2021-2022 PTSA Board

    President: Jess McLauglin, email 
    Treasurer: TBD, Sue Grubb interim
    Secretary: Amy Kantz, email
    VP Membership: JoAnne Elnicky, email
    VP Communications: Randi Murphy, email
    VP Grants: Lisa Murdock, email
    Past President: Sue Grubb, email

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