A Message From Your Principal


    Dear Smallwood Community,

    Smallwood Drive School has a long-standing tradition of high expectations, accountability, strong parent/school partnerships, collaboration, and quality instruction which lead to great student success. We believe that it is critical to thoroughly know each of our students by understanding their individual strengths and learning needs. Doing so allows us to develop and reinforce social-emotional skills, adjust our instructional approaches, and, when necessary, provide focused interventions to bolster strengths and support learning weaknesses. 

    In order to achieve high quality instruction, it is imperative that our teachers and staff are supported at high levels. We believe that well-planned, high-quality, deep, and sustained professional development connected to long-range and clearly articulated goals has a great impact on fidelity of implementation, transfer of learning, and ultimate success. Data Driven Instruction is critical in our work. A building-wide data team meets throughout the year and its members are liaisons to each grade level’s data team helping to guide their work connecting formal and informal assessment data to instructional decisions and planning.

    Character education is at the forefront of all that we do. Our comprehensive approach to educating and supporting our students in their personal development of good character leads to habits of mind and, in turn, helps them grow as students and learners, thus accomplishing our mission of preparing each child to be a student of life.

     Mr. Lewis

    Daniel R. Lewis