Mission Statement

  • Who We Are
    Smallwood Drive Elementary School is a premier public elementary school located in Amherst, New York. Our school community of students, parents, teachers, administrators and support staff is united through shared core values that drive our mission.  

    What We Value

    • Excellence
    • Accountability
    • Inquiry
    • Perseverance
    • Collaboration
    • Adaptability
    • Initiative
    • Creativity
    • Courage
    • Empathy
    • Acceptance
    • Consistency
    • Diversity
    • Community

    What We Do
    We believe in the inherent potential of every child and are committed to fostering the development of their academic, social, emotional, intellectual, creative and physical potential. In our steadfast pursuit of this mission, we cultivate a warm, safe and nurturing environment where learning can take place. We hire the highest caliber educators and provide them with continuous opportunities for professional development; we invest in unique and engaging programs; and we effectively access all available resources to give our children enriching out-of-classroom experiences. In these ways and through our individual day-to-day behavior, we reflect the core values that we believe will prepare each child to be a learner throughout life in today’s global community.

    (Reviewed and Updated by Smallwood Strategic Action Planning Team on July 30, 2019)