PAWS Behavior System

  • Smallwood is fortunate to have respectful, responsible and empathetic students. We value consistency and common language in academics and identified a need to develop a consistent behavior system to support their learning environment. The PAWS in Our School plan that we developed will be implemented at the start of this school year and is being shared with you in the attached packet.

    A behavior committee that was comprised of 27 teachers and staff met to develop a standardized behavior system for the entire building.  This committee met during the 2016-2017 school year over a combined number of 25 hours. The committee consulted with Dr. David Meichenbaum, from The Summit Center, throughout the school year to utilize his expertise with behavioral management. He was instrumental in helping us develop a plan that enhanced Smallwood’s strong core values and character education. Throughout the school year your child will be engaged in lessons, assemblies, discussions and activities that will introduce and reinforce positive behavior.

    This behavior plan will be utilized in each classroom (as well as in the hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, bus, playground and after school program), providing clear rules throughout their day.  Please take the time to review the attached PAWS in Our School packet. Thank you and we are looking forward to a very successful school year.


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