Welcome to the Smallwood Drive PTA

    We are very excited about this upcoming year and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our PTA. We often hear, “Why should I become a member of the PTA?” The main reason is because your membership helps us to fundraise for all of the many unique opportunities the Smallwood Drive PTA provides to our community. Last year, the PTA fundraising provided over $8,000 in grants to our school. The grants were used for special in-school presentations, usage rights for the 5th grade play, and teacher material requests. Every year, we work with our teachers and staff to identify and fund enriching experiences for all of our Smallwood Drive Students. Some additional examples of the events/activities we funded in the past have included:

    Community Time
    Kindergarten Carnival and Science Day
    First Grade Zoo Field Trip
    Second Grade City Field Trip
    Third Grade Culture Day
    Fourth Grade Fit Story
    Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony and Celebration
    Mr. Beck’s Cooking Group

    To join the Smallwood Drive PTA please click the link:  PTA Membership