• Enrichment classes are available to students in Grades 3 - 5. The enrichment teacher is Mrs. Walter

    All second graders receive thinking skills for a semester.


    The enrichment program aims to:

    • Meet the needs of highly capable students.
    • Foster intrinsic motivation and commitment to learning.
    • Inspire and empower students.
    • Provide differentiation of instruction and expectation.
    • Cultivate leaders.

    Program goals

    • To promote higher order thinking skills in alignment with the New York State standards based curriculum.
    • To provide for greater differentiation of instruction.
    • To challenge students to realize their potential.
    • To enhance and extend critical thinking skills, creativity and problem solving.
    • To provide opportunities for application of integrated learning experiences.


    Opportunities for Students

    Services Offered to All Students (Building-Wide)
    Provide opportunities for students' strengths, talents, interests and potentials to emerge: instruction in such skills as creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and other school-wide enrichment opportunities. 

    Services Offered to Some Students
    Students participate in small group activities which occur outside the regular classroom to offer students advanced content instruction or opportunities to further investigate personal interests or talents and enriching the curriculum that takes place in the classroom.

    WNY Invention Convention is a program offered through the enrichment program. Participation is voluntary.

    Participation Nominations

    The main purpose of this phase is to ensure that all students who might have potential in the areas that are served by the district are nominated. Nominations are solicited from a variety of sources: classroom teachers, enrichment teachers, psychologists, administrators and parents.