Amherst Central School District Code of Conduct

  • Amherst Central School District Code of Conduct

    The Schools Against Violence in Education Act (“SAVE”) has required all public school districts in New York State to develop a code of conduct to set forth the districts’ expectations for behavior on school property. Amherst Central School District strives to operate upon principles of civility, mutual respect, good citizenship, character, tolerance, honesty and integrity. Parents, teachers, local law enforcement, faculty, staff and students have all participated in developing this code, under the mandates of the SAVE Legislation and the State Education Department. The Board of Education adopted this code on July 10, 2018.

    As you read this code, please keep the following in mind:

    • This code of conduct, because it sets forth district policy, legal rights and responsibilities, refers to current laws and regulations and may seem very detailed and technical. However, this is necessary to include all of the rights and responsibilities of any person on school district property as required by law.
    • This code does not replace the district’s age-appropriate school conduct rules, disciplinary procedures, character and civility education, harassment prevention policies, peer mediation, conflict resolution or any other school or district programs designed to teach and reinforce good behavior, respect for self and others.
    • A plain-language summary of this code will be sent to all parents or responsible adults in the district in the fall.
    • The code will be reviewed with all faculty and students during the opening days of school.
    • The code of conduct is one of the cornerstones for enactment of the SAVE Regulations. Many of our responses and plans associated with providing and maintaining a safe environment for our children and staff will depend on the spirit of the code and the ensuing regulatory guidelines for each building.

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