Middle School Action Planning Team

  • The Action Planning Team has replaced our M.S.L.T. leadership team, which was originally created in response to the Shared Decision Making mandate of the Commissioner of Education (100.11). This title change comes as a result of our District’s newly adopted Strategic Plan Each of the four schools within Amherst Central School District has a Action Planning Team which is guided by the District’s Strategic Plan. Their primary focus is to assist in carrying out the District’s Strategic Plan through the creation and implementation of a related building-level Strategic Plan.

    The AMS Action Planning Team is comprised of volunteer administrators, faculty, staff and parents. This year’s team roster and contact information is listed below for your convenience.

    Planning Team Members are:

    John Griesmer, Ed.D., Principal
    Derek Kise, Assistant Principal
    Nancy Busalachi - LOTE
    Kayleigh Buziak - ELA
    Jennifer Chomen - ELA/Reading
    Nancy Claxton - Science
    Sue Cramer - Science
    Tom Ferraina - Social Studies
    Trish Hall - ELA
    Paula Kaluzny - Math
    Bruce Karas - Technology
    Lynette LaBoy - Support Staff
    Rebecca McClintick - Support Staff
    Terri Nelson - Career and Life
    Cheryl Parr - Support Staff
    Pam Primerano - Social Worker
    Jillian Roeser - Art
    Kelly Rupp - Career and Life
    Jessica Ryder - Speech Therapist

    You can email any of the team members: first initial, last name @ amherstschools.org.

    We can also be reached at 362-7100. We encourage you to contact us anytime.