Attendance - Parent Call-In

  • Email or Call In to report your child's absence, late arrival, or early dismissal

    The Attendance Phone number is on page three of the Parent Student handbook.

    Student Attendance

    School attendance is mandatory in New York State from the age of six (6) until the age of seventeen (17). By law, parents are held responsible for their child’s unexcused absences.

    Excused Absences, Tardies and Early Departures

    • Personal illness 
    • Illness or death in family 
    • Unsafe travel condition (may not be used when busses are running) 
    • Religious observance 
    • Medical appointment 
    • Quarantine 
    • Required court appearance 
    • Late bus
    - Shadowing at another school

    Unexcused Absences/Lateness

    Examples of unexcused absence or lateness to school include, but are not limited to: 
    • Family vacation 
    • Hunting 
    • Babysitting 
    • Haircut 
    • Oversleeping 
    • Missed bus 
    • Private instruction 
    If your child will be late or absent from school, parents should call the 24-hour parent call in number before 8:00 AM or as soon as possible and leave a message. In order for an absence or late arrival to be recorded as excused, a note must be written and sent to the Attendance Office or emailed. The note must include the date, child’s name, reason for absence or late arrival. Calls to the Attendance Office do not take the place of an absence note. Any absence without a note is considered unexcused. Students are considered “Present” for the day only when a student is present for more than 50% of the instructional day. 
    The literature on student achievement clearly indicates that regular attendance is one of the most essential elements to academic success and every effort should be made to schedule appointments outside of the school day.

    Making Up Missed Work

    In the case of an excused absence, students will have the opportunity to make up work that is assigned or collected on the day of that absence. The student will be responsible for meeting with teachers regarding missed assignments. Students should check in Google Classroom for each teacher and the school's website under the Homework section for assignments. Teachers will update the homework by 4:00 p.m. every day. If a student misses a class due to a music lesson, field trip, special activity, etc., he/she is responsible for checking with his/her teacher(s) PRIOR to this absence to obtain work that will be covered that day. Each student will be expected to complete all work that was missed.   
    Teachers are not required to give a student credit for work assigned or collected on the day of an unexcused absence.

    A student's multiple-day absence that is due to a school- or county-ordered Symptomatic, Isolation or Quarantine protocol should do the following while they are home, if feeling well enough:
    • Monitor and utilize Google Classroom daily to obtain learning resources and complete/submit assignments.
    • Check their email.
    • Utilize the two weekly opportunities to conference with their teachers on Aoom. (Teacher availability for those conference times will be posted on their Google Classroom pages).

    Early Dismissal

    Early Dismissal from school for reasons other than medical or dental appointments are discouraged. If an early dismissal is necessary, a written request giving a brief explanation, signed by your parent or guardian needs to be presented in the Attendance Office before 9:05 AM. A pass to leave the building will be issued for the time requested. Students returning to school after an early dismissal are to report back to the Attendance Office for re-admittance. If no specific reason for early dismissal is given, the absence resulting from the early dismissal may be recorded by the Attendance Office as an “Unexcused Absence.”