Character Education

  • WBS is Caring, Courteous, and Careful

    Character Education offers a school wide approach to creating a strong community where students learn the traits and become responsible, caring people!  Here at WBS we have adopted a motto called the 3C’s (Caring, Courteous, Careful); this will go along with our care code and school wide rules to enhance our school community.

    We have  a weekly TV program focusing on reinforcing the character trait each month. Every Monday, we will be having students and staff share books, skits, songs, web streaming link video clips, and any other creative endeavor that helps our commitment to building a strong character at WBS!

    Monthly awards will be televised in school as well and students will bring home a certificate signifying their achievement.

    An updated and informative booklet will be sent home with students which outlines all of the character traits, WBS care code, as well as rules and expectations for the bus and cafeteria.

    Each month we will focus on one trait as follows:

    Please encourage your child to practice these Tiger Cares traits always!  

    September:    Tolerance

    October          Integrity

    November:     Gratitude

    December:     Empathy

    January:        Respect

    February:       Self-Control    

    March:           Courage

    April:             Acceptance

    May:              Reliability

    June:             Excellence


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