Tennis - Girls


    Please practice during the off-season!!

    Bananas/Wheat    5/17/2021






    Amherst Girls Tennis Team helping at the Teachers Desk

    Amherst varsity Tennis Team volunteers at The Teacher's Desk in downtown Buffalo.




     GVT Cardio

    Cardio Class with Coach Tinna Miller at the Miller Tennis Center (October 2, 2020)




    GVT Masterclass

     Drill Clinic with Coach Ginsburg and Coach Shaq at the Miller Tennis Center (October 1, 2020)



    Sophie - 1st Singles

    Anna - 2nd singles 

    Meg - 3rd singles

    Olivia/Stephanie - 1st Doubles

    Janowski Twins - 2nd Doubles

    Jennasea/Tessa - 1st Exh.

    Kathryn/Gigi - 2nd Exh.

    Brianna/Alison - 3rd Exh.

    Victoria/Jenny/Julia - 4th Exh.

     2020 GVT
    More team information may also be found on the "Coach's Corner" in the left column.

    About Amherst Girls Tennis

    There are two tennis teams at Amherst: The High School Varsity Tennis Team coached by Paul Biddle and the Junior Varsity Tennis Team coached by Karen Redding. Both teams have informational sections on the Amherst website (see links on the left hand side of this page). Please navigate your way through for information on both squads. Do not hesitate to email or call me with any questions. 

    Let's have a great season!!
    Coach Biddle