Tennis - Boys

  • Practice on Friday from 8:30-10:00PM @ MTC (See below for players to attend Friday's practice)

    Opening Line-Up (This may change as the season progresses)

    1st Singles: Alex Wheat

    2nd Singles: Aiden Belle-Isle

    3rd Singles: Ethan Shugar

    1st Doubles: Louis Roy/Adam Tillou

    2nd Doubles: Paul Courtemanche/Gabriel Tuyn/Carl Harbison/Cameron Tillou

    2023 BVT


    Practices/Tryouts will start on Monday March 13 at Miller Tennis Center. This year we will be playing in Division 2 against divisional opponents including Will South, Will East, Iroqouis, Sweet Home, Hamburg and Starpoint. We will also be playing several non-division opponents against Clarence, Lancaster, East Aurora, Maryvale and WSE. There will be an informational meeting for students and parents that is mandatory. That will be held via zoom on March 7 at 6PM via zoom. See above for link to the zoom session and the meeting agenda.
    Players should get their racquets gripped and restrung prior to the first practice on March 13. Communication will be the key for our success this year and I expect everyone to be on the same page. Please refer to the website for schedule updates. I will make decisions for practices depending on the weather by 2PM on a daily basis. 
    If anyone needs to purchase new equipment, Courtside Outfitters on Main Street in Williamsville has package discounts for players.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at:

    or text me at:
    When texting, be sure to say who you are!
    Coach Biddle