Tennis - Boys

  • The courts are open - feel free to use them - I would highly suggest you talk with your parents first and stick to singles every other court to maintain social distancing. 


    Copy and paste the link below and start doing these daily!


    Also (Coach Redding)

    Circuit Workout 1:              Circuit Workout 2:                     Workout 3:

    1 min plank                                                          1 min push ups                                                        Run 1 mile outside

    1 min high knees                                                  1 min leg raises                                                       40 Bicycle crunches

    1 min jumping jacks                                             1 min burpees                                                         1 min regular plank

    1 min crunches                                                    1 min mountain climbers                                       1 min side planks (30 sec each side)

    (X2)                                                                        (X2)                                                                             1 min jump rope

    - 2 minute break -                                             - 2 minute break -       

    1 min bicycle crunches                                       1 min side to side skater jumps

    1 min walking lunges                                          1 min inchworms

    1 min burpees                                                     1 min scissor jumps

    1 min side plank (30 sec each side)                   1 min butt kickers

    (X2)                                                                      (X2)

    If you are able to add weights to your workout, after a circuit, include: bicept curls, shoulder presses, tricept extentions and bent over flys.

    Practices/Scrimmages and matches are CANCELLED until April 20. After that scheduling will resume as normal.
    The 2020 Amherst Boys Tennis Team will be returning with a very different starting line-up. This is due to the tremendous seniors who graduated. We are lucky to have a terrific JV program that keeps us competitive even when we lose some talented players. This year's team informational meeting will be on Thursday March 3 in the MS Band Room at 4PM. If you cannot make this meeting then you need to email Mr. Biddle or text him. There will be a Mandatory parents meeting at 5PM in the Band Room after the student meeting. Please make every effort to attend.
    Practices will start on Monday March 9 alternating between the Miller Tennis Center and the HS Courts (weather depending). This year we will be playing in Division 2 against divisional opponents invcluding Will South, Will East, Hamburg, Sweet Home and Starpoint. We will also be playing several non-dividsion opponents including East Aurora, Will North, Clarence and Lancaster. 
    Players should get their racquets gripped and restrung prior to the first practice on March 9. Communication will be key for our success this year and I expect everyone to be on the same page. Please refer to the website for schedule updates. I will make decisions for practices depending on the weather by 2PM on a daily basis. Be ready to play in some colder weather.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at:

    or text me at:
    When texting, be sure to say who you are!
    Coach Biddle