Health, Safety, Infrastructure, Educational Space Improvements

  • The $68.7 million capital project will accomplish multiple objectives to meet our educational mission of preparing all students to excel in a dynamic world. Each of our buildings - Amherst Central High School, Amherst Middle School, Smallwood Drive Elementary School and Windermere Boulevard Elementary School - will benefit from this project. The project will continue to position our district as one of excellence that provides quality educational and athletic programs to students in well-maintained facilities.

Proposed Timeline, Plans & Documents

  • Phase 1 - Smallwood Drive Elementary - May - October 2024

  • Phase 1 - Windermere Boulevard Elementary - June - October 2024

  • Phase 2 - Summer 2025

  • Phase 3 - Summer 2026


    Safety and Security Enhancements at All School Buildings

    • Main entry renovation to add secure entrances at all buildings  
    • Add intrusion resistant film on select doors and windows
    • PA system with silent alarm capabilities at Amherst Middle, Smallwood Drive Elementary and Windermere Boulevard Elementary. (PA system with silent alarm is already installed at Amherst Central High School)
    • Add intrusion lock sets to all doors
    • Additional security cameras
    • Upgrade exterior lighting to LED

    Bus Loop; Parent Drop Off & Pick Up
    Renovate bus loops and parent pickup and drop off areas at Amherst Middle School, Smallwood Drive Elementary, and Windermere Boulevard Elementary to improve traffic flow and increase safety.

    Windermere Boulevard Elementary Addition
    The construction of an Early Childhood Center with four new classrooms, a secure entrance and a multi-purpose/indoor playground at Windermere will create a student-centered space dedicated to the full-day prekindergarten program. Incorporated into the classroom design are features that will support the UPK curriculum such as flexible individual and group seating areas and play space.

    Multi-Sport Turf Field
    The renovation of Dennis Ford Field between Kings Highway and Westmoreland Road will create a baseball, a softball and two multi-use turf fields for our student-athletes. The area will have scoreboards, bleachers, dugouts, batting cages and bullpens, a building with concession area, locker rooms and restrooms, parking and sidewalks, and field lighting.

    The project will provide outdoor physical education space and athletic competition fields for many student-athletes including:

    • 6 soccer teams (boys and girls, modified, JV, varsity)
    • 6 lacrosse teams  (boys and girls, modified, JV, varsity)
    • 3 baseball teams (modified, JV, varsity)
    • 3 softball teams (modified, JV, varsity)
    • 3 field hockey teams (modified, JV, varsity)
    • 1 girls flag football team

    Renovations at Amherst Middle, Smallwood, Windermere

    • Amherst Middle School Career and Life Skills classroom upgrades to new finishes, new cabinets and appliances and teaching technology upgrades
    • New classroom dividers at Smallwood Drive Elementary
    • New air-conditioning at Smallwood Drive Elementary cafeteria and Amherst Middle School cafeteria
    • To align with PE curriculum goals and allow community use, the tennis courts at Smallwood and Windermere will be renovated into multi-use courts including pickleball
    • Windermere Boulevard plumbing fixtures and pool-filtration system
    • Smallwood Drive plumbing fixtures

    Auditorium Upgrades at All School Buildings
    Upgrades will include heating and ventilation systems, stage lighting/LED replacements, stage sound system replacement and stage rigging.

    Renovations at Amherst Central High School
    The project would include a full renovation of Theodore Masterson Auditorium including stage, seating, floors, walls, dressing rooms, backstage and lower level auditorium spaces. The high school South Gymnasium and vestibule would be renovated including wood floor replacement, HVAC, lighting, windows, adjacent locker rooms, and bathroom.

  • Capital Project Vote Results
    VOTE RESULTS: The $68.7 million Amherst CSD Capital Improvement Project was approved by the community on Dec. 13, 2022 in a 477-yes to 305-no vote.

    Capital Project Goals

    Health - Safety - Welfare
    Educational Space Improvements
    Facilities Infrastructure Improvements
    Site Improvements

    Capital Project Resources
    Capital Project Newsletter
    (Mailed to residents, November 2022)

    Capital Project Flyer
    Capital Project BOE Presentation - 8-23-22

    Capital Project FAQs
    Why this project now?
    The District is required by the State Education Department to complete a building condition survey every five years. A survey was completed in 2022 and identified millions in infrastructure needs that should be addressed in our buildings. This bond issue addresses the highest priority items from the study. Schools are like our homes. They require regular maintenance and periodic replacements to ensure they are sound, energy efficient and safe. Even with the best of care, some systems will wear out and need periodic replacements.

    Project Includes District-Wide System Upgrades

    • Building-wide mechanical system replacements
    • Upgraded unit ventilators in many classrooms
    • Replace boiler system at Amherst Central High School and Amherst Middle School
    • Replace antiquated pneumatic controls with digital
    • Replacement and new hot water heaters
    • Chimney stack mortar/flue repair
    • Upgrade elevator systems
    • Upgrade IT equipment rooms

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