Virtual Backpack

  • The Amherst Central School District routinely receives requests from non-profit groups and intergovernmental agencies to distribute flyers and other information to students and staff. The Virtual Backpack allows easy access 24/7 to the information and eliminates the need to send paperwork home with students.

    Postings to the Virtual Backpack are organized by month and date of event. If the event has multiple dates, the earliest date is listed. If a flyer is not date specific, the date of submission is listed. All documents posted within the school year will remain accessible throughout the year. We do not post fundraising information from outside agencies.

    Requests from outside organizations must receive prior approval prior to posting in the Virtual Backpack. Submit a PDF of the flyer at least two weeks prior to the desired posting date for consideration of approval by the superintendent or designee.

    To submit a flyer, please email Lori Sosenko and attach the flyer file (PDF and/or .docx file types preferred).

    Amherst Schools email format is first initial, last name (no spaces).

November 2023