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Student Artists Create Snyder Mural Icon at New Spot Coffee

Students paint mural Some of Amherst Central High School's finest young artists were hard at work on a mural for the new Spot Coffee on Main Street in Snyder. Under the direction of art teacher Steven Appler, these awesome students have dedicated about 18 hours (so far), of their summer vacation to take part in this project, with probably another 18 to go before it is done. Make sure you stop by after it opens Labor Day weekend to post a selfie with their new Snyder icon as a background; tag us #ACHSMural. Caitlin Morris, Cordelia Wright, Jennasea Gruszka, Katy Humphrey, Lorelei Montgomery, Sonia Bangia, and Serena Bangia are due big kudos on their efforts.


Pictured below (l to r) as they finish the mural are Caitlin Morris, Jennasea Gruszka, Katy Humphrey and Cordelia Wright.


Students stand in front of mural


Preparing surface of mural

 Tracing the image  Outlining the image  Snyder mural