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Going Inside the Circulatory System

Using Virtual Reality devices in health class  Put your hand on your chest. Breathe in and out. Your chest rises and falls because of your lungs, which fill up like balloons as you breathe in. Like a balloon deflating, your lungs release air when you breathe out.


High School students in Mr. Cyrek's, Mr. Wierzbieniec's, and Miss Sidebottom's classes took a virtual field trip into both the respiratory and circulatory systems gaining a deeper understanding of the parts of each system. Within the Circulatory Google Expedition, Virtual Reality, students learned about the connectivity between the two body systems. Navigating into the circulatory system, students were about to travel into the blood vessels and were able to discuss oxygenated blood found within the arteries and deoxygenated blood found within the veins. While navigating into the Respiratory system students are able to visualize the smallest healthy alveoli which are tiny air sacs in your lungs and compare them to a lung which has been diseased from smoking. Students also learned of the damaging impacts from vaping.