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Science Olympiad Team to Compete in State Contest

Zoom screen The ACHS Science Olympiad team earned their way to the State Science Olympiad competition by placing fifth in the Regional Science Olympiad competition on March 20. The New York State Science Olympiad competition will be held in April.


The March 20 regional competition was 100% online and the certification of the competition and results were released on March 26.


The ACHS Science Olympiad team competed against 22 other Lake Erie/Niagara Regional High School Science Olympiad teams. During this competition, the ACHS team of 10 students competed in 15 different Science Olympiad events that ranged from anatomy to water quality. The ACHS Science Olympiad Team placed within the top 10 teams in 11 of their 15 events. In fact, Amherst Science Olympians earned a top 5 place, out of 22 different teams, in 7 of the 15 events they competed in.


Competing on this year's ACHS Science Olympiad team are Paul Courtemanche, Michael Fernandez, Jacky Hua, Jenny Hua, Akash Jacobus, Victoria Radomski, Michael Szumski, Owen Thomas, Adam Tillou and Stuart Wilson. This year's team is coached by Tammy Wrzosek-Kline and Dr. Paul A. Weber.


Watch the regional award ceremony.