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Olympic Speedskaters Run Drills with PE Class

speedskating drillTwo physical education classes got to feel what a “dry land” speedskating Olympic workout was like when two U.S. speedskaters who competed in the 2022 Olympics visited Amherst Central High School as part of the US Speedskaters (USS) Tour of Olympians. 

Kimi Goetz who skated Long Track in the 2022 Olympics and two-time Olympian Ryan Pivirotto who skated Short Track in 2018 and 2022 worked with students on a series of drills during their visit. They were introduced by freshman Emma Lipa, who has been a member of the Buffalo Speedskating Club for eight years. During the 30-minute session, the exercises started off with easy warmups and progressed to more challenging drills that reinforced the movements a speed skater must sustain during a race. 

The USS Tour of Oympians visit was hosted by the Buffalo Speedskating Club which is a Short Track Speedskating club with members from throughout Western New York and Southern Ontario.

speedskater drill   group shot