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Bravo to a Fantastic Production!

Student in drama production Have you ever wanted to help solve a crime? The audience got the chance to do that in the second act of the high school Drama Club's production of "The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens", a murder mystery by Billy St. John. The students presented three performances in mid-November.

There were 14 students in the cast and 25 students in the stage crew. One student assisted Physics and Earth Science Teacher  Alexandra Montesano, who is also the Drama Club Advisor, with directing. 

"This play does have an audience participation portion in Act Two, and we had the audience ready to assist in the investigation of the murder of Edward Worthington III," said Ms. Montesano. "One of our crew chiefs, Kat Anson-Oja, actually recommended this play, and after watching another school's production, I thought it would be the perfect play for ACHS. It has drama, comedy, and suspense, and our students were able to tackle the complexities of their characters."

drama club cast sitting on stage  STudents in costume    Students wear costumes