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P.A.W.S. Up for Character Education

Several members of our Smallwood Faculty helped make our Strategic Plan come alive for the ACSD Board of Education and for our community at the Dec. 19 Board of Education Meeting.  Presenters included:  Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. DiGiacomo, Mrs. Unger, Mrs. Cinelli, Mrs. Brinkworth, Mr. Milliman, Dr. Oddo, Mr. Crozier and Mr. Lewis.

In addition to showcasing three of our initiatives, the entire night was enhanced when students from Mrs. Kujawinski’s and Mrs. Tackett’s class sang the Smallwood Drive P.A.W.S. song as part of our presentation.  

Back at school, the fourth and fifth grade students focused on TIGERS CARE, our district-wide character education program. The students rotated to four different learning centers. They worked in groups to solve a variety of physical challenges in the gymnasium that represent a wide range of character traits (Integrity Tower, Grand Canyon, Sportball Juggle and Whole World). Students also worked with Mrs. LoTempio to create our first Character Rocks to be used in our memorial garden in the spring. Students created Surprise Sticky Notes for a member of the school community to show appreciation for what is good in our lives reinforcing gratitude, our character trait for November.