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Unique Inventions Earn Two First Place Awards

First place winner Student holds a trumpet A plate that keeps hot food hot and cold food cold and a device that absorbs spit from brass instruments were two inventions that each won first place in the WNY Invention Convention.


With guidance from enrichment teacher Amanda Walter, 15 fourth- and fifth-graders at Smallwood Drive Elementary School created an invention for the competition. Of the 15 entries, 7 won awards.


Fourth-grader Sofia Wieczkowski earned the first place Goodwill of WNY Re-Invent Award for her "The Temptastic Plate" which keeps food hot or cold.


The team of fifth-graders Giovani Ferro and Paul Pfordresher earned the first place WNYIC Original Award for their "The Tidy Trumpet" device which is inserted into a brass instrument to absorb spit.


Other inventions included the Safety Watch, Nurse 2 Go Talking Self Help Kit, Beet-It Detergent, Playful Paws Pet Training, Easy Brella, Car Ambulance Signal, Cleaning Shoes, E-Z Socks, the Storage Stand, Toasty Tote, Blow Brush, and H2O Car.