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Running with Kindness Toward the Finish Line

Girls make a fleece blanket Girls hold a red fleece blanket A group of girls at Smallwood Drive Elementary were inspired to reach a personal goal and also bring warmth to others.


The 23 girls, in grades 3 to 5, were part of the Fall 2019 season of Girls on the Run where they trained to run a 5K race. Part of the curriculum involves a lesson to brainstorm ideas and projects that would impact the community in a positive way. The group agreed on Project Linus, a non-profit organization that provides homemade blankets to children in need. The girls made flyers and posters asking teachers/staff to make donations to raise money to buy the fleece for the blankets. Many of the girls’  families made donations as well.


They were able to make 30 blankets.


The girls ran their 5k at Delaware Park on a snowy morning in early November!

Girls make a Buffalo Bills blanket