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ACHS Alum & UB Medical Student Returns to SDS to Lead Heart Smart Program

alum with studentsHeart Smart medical students from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine come to Smallwood Drive as part of an American Heart Association's sponsored program “Heart Smart." This program aims to teach children about how to develop a healthy lifestyle and the consequences of obesity.

The medical students believe that it is important to teach children at a young age what they can do for their health and how they can affect their future by making a few simple choices each day to live a heart smart life.

The medical students set up four stations that showed the various aspects of the heart and what leads to a healthy heart. Students were able to see the difference between a healthy and unhealthy human heart. The program is taught this year by Emily Smith, a former Smallwood and 2014 Amherst High School graduate, Emily Smith. She graduated from Hobart and William Smith in 2018 and will graduate from the Jacobs School of Medicine in 2024.


students at table  student holds a heart

  students in auditorium  students near stage