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WEB Leaders 'Go Big' at Regional Conference

Regional Conference Representing Amherst Middle School, 33 student WEB Leaders joined their peers at a regional WEB conference at Lewiston Porter High School. The students who participate in the Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) student leadership program are involved in various leadership trainings throughout the year. They then have responsibilities throughout the year at their school and act as role models for other students.


The highlight of the regional conference was bringing Amherst Middle student leaders together in one forum so they could meet and mingle with WEB Leaders from other districts. There were multi-colored shirts everywhere representing the various schools involved!
"They loved participating in some familiar activities and learning some new ones," said Shari Bauda, Amherst Middle School counselor. "Human Scrabble was really fun and the message to value everyone that walks into your school was loud and clear. The adults enjoyed getting together with other WEB facilitators to share and exchange ideas to show how WEB leaders connect with our students and 'Go Big' to improve school climate. At the end, they were told to go out and make a positive difference in your school!"
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