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Pi Day Fundraiser at Amherst Middle School Gets Principal “Pied”

Principal and student    Prinicpal pied again    student throws pie

Amherst Middle School students donated $1,493.15 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to raise money in a Penny War for their Bald for Bucks campaign and to have the chance to see the principal get “pied” during a lunch period. Partly in celebration of Pi Day (March 14 – 3.14) and as a jumpstart to their fifth annual Bald for Bucks campaign, the Penny Wars was the brainchild of several middle school teachers, Kelly Jesse, Steve Johnson, Mary Newman, Melissa Whitten and Renee Marko.


The Penny Wars goal for a class to have a chance at throwing a pie at Dr. John Griesmer was to raise $314.15. They far outdid that. Final counts of totals raised by each class has not been counted yet.


Penny collection Eighth-grade class took first place. Students were randomly drawn for the chance to pie two teachers and Dr. Griesmer. Students Jonas Borden and Julian Walling helped push the eighth grade to first place with a last-minute donations of pennies that they pushed into school on Thursday in a wheelbarrow.


The sixth-grade class took second and got to pie one teacher and Dr. Griesmer. Seventh-grade came in third and got to pie Dr. Griesmer.


How the Penny War worked:  Pennies and Paper are “Positive.” Silver “Subtracts!”  

  • Containers in the front hall before school for six days
  • Each donation earned an entry to be the lucky student to pie a teacher!
  • Each penny counts as one positive point for YOUR grade level. A dollar bill will count for 100 positive points!
  • Each silver coin counts as negative points for OTHER grade levels. In other words, dropping a quarter in another grade’s bucket subtracts 25 points from their total.


Teacher gets pied    before getting pied    two students pie a teacher