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Daily Youtube Updates Connect Classroom

Screenshot of Youtube video Eighth grade English teacher, Kayleigh Buziak, is making a daily video to share with her students.


The Buziak Update includes an inspiring quote of the day, a tip of the day, discussion of daily assignments, updates on the Poetry March Madness competition, and answer to any questions she has been asked or emailed.

The tip of the day is usually something physical or mental health related like creating a routine schedule or telling someone in their life they are thankful for them.


"I wanted to create a sense of normalcy for my students, and I didn’t want them to forget about what I looked like or miss out on my corny jokes! It’s been helping me cope with missing them and my classroom too," she said.


Her students have been sharing back some of their corny jokes.


Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long?
Because then it would be a foot!


Why do we tell actors break a leg?
Because every play needs a cast! 


Why do people in Ohio find a spouse so quickly?
Because they can go from Dayton to Marion in less than two hours!


Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers?
He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them!


What do you call a magic dog?
A labracadabrador!


Today at the bank an old lady ask me to help her check her balance...
So I pushed her over!


A pun, a play on words, and a limerick walk into a store.
No joke.