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How Our Staff is Staying Connected to Students

Whitten learning From Melissa Whitten, Math
I am making birthday announcements in Google Classroom to stay connected. In addition, Mary Newman and I are using an e-learning slides (posted in Google Classroom) as our method for staying organized and for easy communication of the daily lesson. The first slide is always the most recent lesson and everything is linked there. Students then can go back to previous days easily if they missed something.

From Kelly Rupp, Career and Life Skills Teacher
Charlotte Rich, a sixth-grader, emailed her to say, "I miss all of you so much I just want to be back in school!!!!!!!!!"

From Kelly Murphy, Reading Teacher
She is sending out mindful minute videos.

From Courtney Kelly and JoAnna Fildes, Health Education
The Health/PE staff began an instagram account and have a 30-day mental, physical, social challenge calendar as well as other healthy activities.

Baby Guess contest From Krista Jones, 8th Grade Math Teacher and NYS Master Teacher WNY Region
My algebra honors class is doing a "Guess your Baby Picture" competition. Two of my students are compiling baby pictures from each of the members of the Algebra class and myself, then they are creating a google doc game board for me to share with the class.

Rachel Anthon, 7th Grade ELA
Some of us on the STARS team are posting not just academic but social challenges to our kids. Some examples are “this or that” type questions two days a week and science riddles and cartoons one day a week. I am posting video challenges two days a week where I post a video of myself doing a certain challenge, and then kids can post videos of themselves doing the same challenge as well. An example was a video of me reading a book to my cat. I asked students to send me videos of them reading to their own pets or families, which were posted in our Google classroom classes.