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AMS Art Students Tour Street Art During Buffalo Scavenger Hunt

student by muralAmherst Middle School art teacher Christina Klein wanted to create a fun summer activity for her students before she sees them on the first day of school. As a way to get them thinking about color, composition and other art themes, she created a virtual scavenger hunt of the Buffalo street art and murals that have been created throughout Erie County.

She created the Buffalo Street Art Scavenger Hunt using Google slides and each of the 10 stops in the hunt has a photo of the mural, address and directions, the artist’s name and year it was created, as well as a video link to learn more about each mural.

 While the contest portion of the scavenger hunt is over; families could still use the hunt as a way to have a fun family day of adventure. The scavenger hunt winners were Charlie Bastedo, Alec Civisca, Trevor Loveland, Cora Pisarzewicz, Edith Trapp and Ellis Winnie.

Edith said Stop 10 at the Hertel Alley Murals were her favorite murals because the whole alley was covered in tons of different styles of art. “I especially liked the astronaut with the flower and there was this dog with sunglasses I really liked as well," she said.

“Stop 1: Mojo Market Flowers was my favorite mural. I really like the colors and shapes," said Cora.

Trevor’s favorite was Stop 7 at 72 Jewett  because the design and look of the mural seemed really cool.

Alec’s favorite mural was at Stop 4 (Cobblestone Commons) because the air smelled like toasted cheerios and there were several murals by different artists to look at. 

“The Flutterby Mural was my favorite mural because the face on the mural was so realistic, “ said Zoe Simonson. “The plants on the outside were made with bold colors, so they pop out, and also make it look slightly tropical. I also love that at a glance, you just see the eyes and color surrounding them. The more you look at it however, the details sink in, revealing all of the plants, and more details on the face."

“I created this for my students as a way to generate some excitement coming into the new school year and build those community connections,” she said, noting that the activity was optional and will not be graded. 


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