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Penny Wars Raise More than $4,000 for Bald for Bucks

students donate coinsThe Penny Wars fundraiser was in high gear to raise funds for Bald for Bucks and for students to get a chance to “pie” a teacher on March 14 for Pi Day. The entire building raised $4,175.56 during a week-long campaign where students in each grade level earned points for their donations. Pennies and paper are “Positive.” Silver “Subtracts!”  Pennies and dollars earned a class a positive point, anything silver (nickels, dimes, quarters) earned a negative point.

Containers were in the front hall before school. Each donation will earn a student an entry to be the lucky student to pie a teacher. Each penny counts as one positive point for a grade level. A dollar bill will count for 100 positive points. Each silver coin counts as negative points for other grade levels. In other words, dropping a quarter in another grade’s bucket subtracts 25 points from their total.

On March 14 (3/14/23) it will be Pi Day at Amherst Middle and several students had their name chosen to "pie" a teacher or the principals.

The fundraising goal was $314 for a chance to pie Assistant Principal Julie Doyle; $628 for a chance to pie Assistant Principal Derek Kise and $3,141 for a chance to pie Principal Scott Lawniczak. Sixth-grade won the Penny Wars so one student will be selected in addition to the administrators to pie a staff member.