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I Scream, You Scream!

First graders in library First-graders have been focusing on the topic of economics in our social studies unit. Some of the content vocabulary words we focus on are consumers, producers, needs, wants, demands, decisions, purchase, goods, services, and scarcity. The research project first-graders have been working on focuses on analyzing these words and connecting them to our research project. 
The topic students chose to study this year is ice cream. First-graders used non-fiction text, articles, websites, and videos to find facts about ice cream and connect it all to economics.
We were super lucky to have one of our community members and business owners come and be our guest speaker at WBS. Holly Anderson is the owner of Anderson's!!! She presented us with interesting facts about how ice cream is produced, and how consumers help the business grow. She treated over 100 first-graders with her delicious product - ice cream!!!  We are so lucky to have such an expert help our learning grow!