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A Mind Crushing Marshmallow Challenge

Student works on paper Could you build a structure with just spaghetti, string, tape and marshmallows? Fourth- and fifth-graders got the chance to try to build the tallest structure they could using those food items during the annual Mind Crushers event.


Library Media Specialist Chad Moser and Enrichment Teacher Lindsay Mack collaborated with students from Canisius College and Buffalo State to plan 20 stations where students could try to master a science or math challenge. The college students worked to create fun, STEAM based centers that promoted problem-based learning and critical thinking skills.


Despite the crazy snowy weather, the WBS students and their families had a great time doing things like engineering the tallest balloon towers, launching stomp rockets, building marble mazes, using binary coding to problem solve, and building a cargo-carrying paper airplane.


At the Checkers station, they had to solve math problems before they could make a move. At the Fraction Noodles station, they compared pool noodle pieces. The Battle of the Fractions had students flip a card over and whoever had the larger fraction got to keep both cards. A yummy treat was at the Candy Statistics table where students calculated color statistics for the candy in their bag - then they got to eat the candy!


Students build cup towers   Students work at a station   Students work at coding station   Building a tall balloon tower   Using math at a station   Students at balloon challenge