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A Fourth-Grade Convention of Inventions

The Perfect Shower Markers A lot of solutions were developed at the fourth-grade Invention Convention where each student created an original invention. The challenge was to identify a problem and then develop and test a prototype product to solve the problem.


The students showed lots of ingenuity with products such as the Perfect Temperature Shower Markers, which marked the perfect spot on the faucet for hot and cold water; the Lend a Hand, which used voice assisted products to take out the garbage; and the Pet Master 2000 which dispensed pet food.


One student's LEGO Sorter made it easy to clean up small lego pieces by dumping them in the container and as it is shaken, the pieces sort into the proper drawers.


Solving the problem of book pages not lying flat, the Book Clip and Hold featured a magnifying glass that lays over book pages to hold them down with a book light. Keeping pencil shavings contained, the Pencil Holder had a sharpener inside a cylinder to catch the shavings.


The fourth-graders hosted family members and other students to explain how their inventions were created.


The LEGO Sorter   The Pet Sorter 2000   Ditch the Itch invention   Lend a Hand   The Book Clip   The Pencil Holder