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Amherst South Rotary Donates Board Games

Games donated to students When recess time comes at Windermere Boulevard Elementary, students typically head right to the computers, but thanks to the Amherst South Rotary Club, students have another option for free time.


Through a partnership cultivated by building principal Julie Flanagan, the Amherst South Rotary Club donated money to purchase board games for every classroom at Windermere.


Mrs. Flanagan has talked with Rotary Club members about ways that social and emotional learning skills could be supported. They stepped up and donated popular games such as Jenga, Trouble, Connect 4, Yahtzee and Hungry Hippos.


“At Windermere, we have been trying to bring more of a focus on giving students an opportunity to interact with one another that is not electronic based, thus good old-fashioned board games,” said Mrs. Flanagan. “Board games encourage students to work together, talk to each other, work as a team, and develop social skills.”


Pictured with the kindergarten class of Emilyrose Conforti are (l to r) Principal Julie Flanagan, Assistant Principal Amy Steger and Rotarians Shefali Clerk, Sandy Nobel and Rotary president Scott Marcin.