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One Family's Creative Adventures

The Bishop family from Windermere Boulevard Elementary is taking every day as a creative challenge for fifth-grader Hazel, second-grader Jacob and younger sister Abigail. Their mom, Robin, shared the ways they are making every day an adventure.

Kids dress up

Each day we have a dress up theme (as a reason to get up and dressed). This was wacky wardrobe day!

Boy holds books

Jacob has been reading these books and then doing LEGO book reports.

Girl dances

Hazel is still practicing for the play at school, Aristocats.

pipe cleaner glasses

We found some pipe cleaners hidden away.

Doodles with Mo Willems    Children doing schoolwork

We do art with “Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!” on YouTube and our school work in our school room, formerly known as the office.