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WBS Summer Reading Program and Log Sheet

The Windermere Boulevard Elementary School Summer Reading program has started! We encourage reading every day for at least 20 minutes.

  • You can log what was read in each sitting (Example: you could have multiple entries for the same book)
  • You can log how long it took to read an entire book ( Example: Charlotte's Web, 360 minutes)
  • If someone else reads to a child, that can be logged too! (In fact, it's encouraged!)
  • Please enter the student's name, grade level, title of what was read, and the number of minutes spent reading. 

There are two ways to log the time spent reading and title of the books read.

1. The online log

2. The paper log.


If you have any questions. Please call the WBS main office at 362-4100 or email Mrs. Steger at