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Amherst South Rotary Club Donates Bench for Courtyard

Students sit on bench in courtyard near free libraryA new bench, donated by the Amherst South Rotary Club, makes the perfect reading spot in the courtyard at Windermere Boulevard Elementary School. The bright blue metal bench is the latest addition to the courtyard and sits right next to the Little Free Library that was built and donated by the Rotary last year.

The Rotary Club celebrates literacy during the month of September, said Rotary South President Scott Marcin when the bench was delivered.

Through a partnership cultivated by building principal Julie Flanagan, the Amherst South Rotary Club has donated many items to the school and supported several different initiatives. Over the past several years, the club has donated:

  • Board games for classrooms, such as Jenga, Trouble, Connect 4, Yahtzee and Hungry Hippos
  • Filled backpacks with school supplies
  • Musical theater club equipment such as spotlights, sound system, storage cabinet, wireless microphones, sound mixer, and wiring.