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Celebrating Our Families at the Multicultural Fair

Family art activityWindermere Boulevard Elementary gym was filled with families during the school's annual Multicultural Fair. Organized by the ENL teachers, the fair has been held for 20 years.

Families could visit each table and do a craft from all around the world. Some of the crafts include Mexican paper flowers, colorful Philippine birds and weaving from South Sudan. Students could also get a henna tattoo, play African drums and try their hand at using chopsticks. When they visited a table, they got a passport stamped.

There was cultural entertainment as well, including an Indian dance and a Chinese singer. In the cafeteria was a potluck dinner where families brought food from their native countries.

Windermere has students from over 27 countries with five of the seven continents being represented.  The student body and their families speak 24 languages with some of the top languages being Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, and Nepali.

The multicultural fair unites the Windermere school community as we come together to celebrate the amazing diversity that makes Windermere such an amazing school. 

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