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Amherst Central Schools Recognizes Long-Term Employees

Judy Gersic Amherst Central School District recognizes employees who have made significant contributions to the district through longevity of service.


Honored for 40 years of service is Judith Gersic, a teacher aide at Windermere Boulevard Elementary School who works in the school library.


30 Years of Service    Service Award 30 years

Honored for 30 years of service is Nancy Busalachi, Mark Doran, Alexis Sleight and Paul Spielberger.


25 Year Service Award  25 Year Service Award  25 Year Service Award  25 Year Service Award

Honored for 25 years is Steven Appler, Wendy Davis, Regina DiMaria, Daniel Farley, Thomas Ferraina, Scott Geisen, Gary Kratz, Mark Rapp, Heather Rogers, Beth Taylor and Nancy Weston.