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Honoring our Long-Time Employees

Amherst Central School District recognized its 35-, 30- and 25-year employees who have made significant contributions to the district through longevity of service.

Honored for 35 years of service is Debra Davern, teacher aide at Windermere Boulevard.

Honored for 30 years of service are Diane Peters, teaching assistant; Kathleen Ransbury, elementary teacher; Cheryl LaForte, principal clerk typist.

Honored for 25 years of service are Jon Herzog, elementary teacher; Patricia McCabe, elementary teacher; Michael Milliman, elementary teacher; Eric Damiani, physical education teacher; Michael Murphy, elementary teacher; Maureen Geibel, English teacher; Amy Jasinski, special education teacher; Courtney Kelly, health teacher; Mark Musolino, math teacher; Robin Gilinger, teacher aide and Sharon Perez, custodian.

 board president, honoree, superintendent   30 year employees with board president and superintendent

 25 year elementary school employees with board president and superintendent   25 year MS and HS employees with board president and superintendent