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Amherst CSD Wins Two State Communication Awards

The New York School Public Relations Association honored Amherst Central School District’s public relations specialist, Lori Sosenko, with a first-place and second-place award in its 2022 Annual Communications Competition in the category of “Excellence in Writing”.

An award of excellence  was earned for the website news article, "From Stomach Acid to Self-Esteem, Amherst CSD Elementary Health Curriculum Targets Mental, Emotional, Physical Wellness" which highlighted the new elementary health curriculum at Smallwood Drive and Windermere Boulevard.

An award of honor was earned for the web news, "How a Classroom Coffee Shop “Perked Up” Students’ Interest in Running a Business and Learning Social Skills"  which featured Amherst Middle School's cafe.

This year's contest recognizes outstanding achievement in educational communications. Entries are adjudicated by experts in the field throughout the nation. Of 408 entries, 122 awards were presented. Awards are presented at the New York State School Board Association conference in October.

Awards are given according to the type of communication vehicle and the type and size of the district/organization. Each entry is judged on the overall excellence of the entry as well as its quality compared to other entries in the category. Possible honors include Awards of Excellence, the highest level of recognition; Awards of Honor, the second place level of recognition; and Awards of Merit, the third place level of recognition.

Past awards have included an award of excellence in 2021 for the article, “Expanding a Virtual Academy Teacher's View; Piloting a Tech Unit that Benefits Students and Teachers” written during the 2020-2021 school year highlighting the TIGER CMS tech units at Windermere Boulevard Elementary School. An award of honor was given in 2019 for the article, "Coding Ozobots to Teach Veloctiy: MS Science Teachers Team Up with Ideas."