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Getting the Backpacks Ready!

Amherst Central High School students receive their supply lists from their teachers on the first day. Please purchase the following basic items for Sept. 5, the first day of school: looseleaf paper or spiral notebook, folder, pens, pencils.

Amherst Middle School teachers will provide many general supplies, such as scissors, markers, highlighters, and glue sticks to help limit the scope of each family's financial responsibility for buying school supplies.


Amherst Middle Supplies for Grades 6-8

Amherst Middle School - Lockerworks Form

Amherst Middle School  Summer Reading 2019


Smallwood Kindergarten Supplies 

Smallwood First Grade Supplies

Smallwood Second Grade Supplies

Smallwood Third Grade Common Supplies

Smallwood Fourth Grade Generic Supplies

Smallwood Fifth Grade Generic Supplies


Windermere Pre-Kindergarten Supply List

Windermere Kindergarten Supply List

Windermere First Grade Supply List

Windermere Second Grade Supply List

Windermere Third Grade Supply List

Windermere Fourth Grade Supply List

Windermere Fifth Grade Supply List


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