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    Amherst Central School District has been awarded additional state funding to support the implementation of Full-Day Universal Pre-Kindergarten for the 2022-23 school year.

    Full-Day: Additional state funding allows the district to establish four full-day UPK classes with two classrooms at Smallwood Drive Elementary and two classrooms at Windermere Boulevard Elementary. Enrollment in each class will be capped at 18 students. 

    Half-Day: The district-run UPK program will offer five half-day classes at Amherst Community Church Child Care Center and one half-day class at Amherst Nursery School. 

    Transportation: Busing will be provided to and from all UPK locations for students in the full-day sessions at Windermere and Smallwood and the half-day sessions at ACCCCC and Amherst Nursery School. To be eligible for transportation, you must reside within the Amherst CSD boundaries.

    Age Requirement: UPK is open to any four-year-old residing in the district. The child must be four by Dec. 1 of the school year they are applying for. Your child is only eligible to attend Pre-K the year they turn 4 prior to Dec. 1.

    Lottery System: If there are more students than spots available in a selected class, a random lottery will take place.

    Site Preference:
    Parents can select a preference, but placements are not guaranteed because class sizes are limited. As a result of the program being funded by state grants, definite confirmation will occur only after the New York State budget is passed and Universal Pre-kindergarten funding is guaranteed. 

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